Presenting skills and training


How to make a positive impact with your presentation, in front of an audience/on camera/in a meeting. Look good, sound good and leave a great impression.

This course, normally over three hours, will help you to:

  • • Feel and appear more confident in front of your peers, or public

    • Help you to clarify your messages, and communicate them clearly and effectively

  • • Work on your voice and body language to improve the WAY you present

  • • Work on any nerves you may have, and teach you techniques to deal with them

  • • Practice your presentation and power point support (if you have it) so that you are comfortable with any technical element when talking about your work


This course works best one on one, or with a small group of up to four people.


Feel and appear more confident

In front of your peers, or public and learn to communicate what you say, clearly and with authority.


Your body language

and your voice are BOTH important. We can always improve the WAY we present.


Being nervous

is normal. You can work on this, using some simple techniques.